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Orange Scented
Clumping Cat Litter

Granule Size :
W250 – 0,5mm – 2,5 mm
Packaging :
5L & 10L PE – Recyclable Plastic Packaging

Our bentonite cat litters, known as clumping cat litters, are natural and highly odor absorber.

The essence molecules in the fragrant added to our cat litters act when they come into contact with the liquid, allowing a pleasant Orange scent to spread to the environment.

With our cat litter, which we have made ready for use with advanced technology, we offer a much more hygienic and much more comfortable environment to both our cat friends living at home and their owners.

Our bentonite series cat litters, which are extremely hygienic because they are produced through heat treatment, are also cleaned from dust by using a double sieving system.




It has ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certificate and TSE K-77 Product Certificate.

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