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Quality Control and R&D

500 tons of daily production,
6 different analyses per ton of product,
3,000 analyses in 24 hours...

Our R&D laboratory works to further increase the efficiency of existing products and develop new products. Our quality control department continuously monitors production to ensure compliance with the required quality parameters and a high level of quality.

Liquid Absorption Capacity
Analysis: In the Westing House test that we perform to determine the water absorption capacity of cat litter, our criterion is a minimum of 280%. This means that with 100 g of cat litter you can capture 280 g of liquid. In addition, this criterion increases up to 330% with the special products we produce.

Clumping Analysis
In our clumping cat litter, we test the weight and fragility of the clump formed due to the salina it absorbs. The target is to reach a maximum clump weight of 60 g with 20 ml salina, which is 55 – 57 g for the cat litter we produce.

Moisture Analysis
Although the acceptance criterion for moisture in the cat litter we produce is 10%, we have a value of 8%. By producing products with lower humidity, we both increase the water absorption capacity and avoid selling water to our customers.

pH Value Analysis
In addition, pH value, granule size analysis and density are continuously analyzed. 1 L of cat litter we produce weighs 850 g on average. Considering that the density of equivalent cat litter in Europe is 1 L = 1.1 kg, we provide great savings in liter-based purchases.

Whiteness Analysis

Granule Size Analysis