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Let's Get to Know Bentonite

We have licenses for very rich mining sites on the Black Sea coast,
where the world's highest quality calcium Bentonite deposits are located.

Bentonite mineral is the most important clay mineral among the clay group mineral reserves formed in nature and is referred to as calcium and sodium type in terms of its properties.

In our country, which is the world leader in terms of bentonite mineral reserves, a significant part of the calcium type white bentonite reserves are located in our region (Ünye, Fatsa, Ordu) and approximately 60% of these reserves are under the auspices of our company.

The white bentonite reserves of calcium type white bentonite with high absorption capacity in our region are processed in the production and packaging facilities of our company, which is located in the Fatsa Organized Industrial Zone campus and established on an area of approximately 30,000 m², and the world’s highest quality cat litter is produced from 100% natural bentonite and exported.