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They will love the litter, the food and the quality as well.

Our Production Facility

Our company, which produces products that touch the lives of millions of cat owners every day in more than 75 countries, continues to grow on a global scale.

Quality Control and R&D

Our R&D laboratory works to further increase the efficiency of existing products and develop new products. Our quality control department constantly supervises production.

Let's Get to Know Bentonite

Bentonite mineral is the most important clay mineral among the clay group mineral reserves formed in nature and is referred to as calcium and sodium type in terms of its properties.

King of the cat litters!

Our Rocat cat litters, which are produced from natural bentonite mine with new generation technology, have high odor absorbency and ideal clumping rate. It is extremely hygienic as it is produced through heat treatment, and it has been sieved twice and has been purified from dust at the maximum level.

While its orange, lavender, Marseille soap, baby powder scented and non-perfumed options appeal to different tastes, it is a highly liquid absorbent cat litter with a granule size of 0.5-2.5 mm, which is highly requested.

The cats will love it!

A healthy diet is essential for a healthy life. RoCat® is a complete food with taste and nutritional value, enriched with proteins, vitamins and minerals which your cat needs.

Dogs will love it!

A healthy diet is essential for a healthy life. RoDog® is a complete food with its taste and nutritional value, enriched with the protein, vitamins and minerals your dog needs.


Recycling is the inclusion of waste that can be recycled into the production process through various processes. Although the need for recycling was initially based on resource shortages caused by wars, today it has a completely different relevance because our world is more tired than ever due to the growing population and outrageous consumption habits.

Our duty is to ensure that waste materials are used as raw materials in order to replace what we consume, and in this way to minimize the use of resources and reduce the amount of waste to the maximum.


While the huge pollution caused by the garbage we think we get rid of in the waste collection sites pollutes the air, soil and water, by investing in recycling, we are actually investing in our future. When we use recyclable materials to protect natural resources, we also prevent waste as we reduce raw material consumption.

It should not be forgotten that the packaging we throw away is actually nature’s energy and the resources it generously offers us… If we act with this awareness and support recycling, we will fulfill our duty for a more livable tomorrow.